Micheline Mason
Shining a light on inclusion

Dear Parents

Over 20 disabled adults speak from their hearts about both the support their parents were able to give them when they were young, and also the places where their parents were confused or misled by others into actions which, on reflection, they believe to have been unhelpful, or even harmful.

What emerges is a unique guide for parents, and all those who support them, to help make decisions, or choose paths for their children that will avoid some of the mistakes of the past, dominated by the medical model of disability, and steer their children instead towards a bright, positive future.

The book includes stories and poems. It is emotional, personal, funny, sad, and hopefully illuminating. As the author I have tried to communicate some of the many things I have learned as a disabled child now ‘grown up’, as a parent myself, and as a supporter of many families who have been struggling to help their children to have a good, inclusive life.

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