Micheline Mason
Shining a light on inclusion

Healing the hurts of Capitalism

Having struggled for many years to help schools to become more inclusive, I realised that our success would always be limited whilst the education system is run for the needs of industry, for the benefit of capitalism. A child who seems not to be likely to become a profit-making unit for the owners of commerce will never truly be valued within this system. Real inclusion requires a complete transformation of society.

As I realised this, I also felt that the information I had gained over 30 years of studying and practising re-evaluation counselling was not spreading to enough people in a form which was accessible and useful, especially to activists who are campaigning for this transformation. The ‘Left’ in Britain are notorious for not listening to people, or even each other. The divide between politics and personal change has to close, but how do we do it?

My friend Alan Sprung and I set out to write a book which would suggest and illustrate through personal stories how we are hurt from our earliest days by the big systems which shape our lives. We also wanted to see if we could communicate some simple ways of helping each other to heal and move forward from these injuries so that we could be more effective in our efforts to change the world.

There followed four years of slog - running and recording workshops, transcribing the recordings, writing and re-writing the text, listening to each other as we struggled ourselves to be clear, but finally it was done. We were delighted when Ken Loach, the film maker, agreed to write something for the back cover which would encourage people to read the book. We decided to self-publish in order to keep complete editorial control of the book.

A second stage of our project is to help people get together in small, lightly structured groups to think about these issues in a personal way with attention – the magical power we all have without realising it.