Micheline Mason
Shining a light on inclusion


Sorry I don't have the time, poems about modern life -- cover image

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In my early twenties I wrote poetry all the time. It was very angst-ridden and intense and I did not show it to anyone. For some reason, I stopped once I had discovered Co-Counselling. It seemed much more useful to pour my heart out to another human being rather than a piece of paper. But in the last two years, with encouragement, I have started writing again, and this time it is different. It is coming from a creative place in which thoughts and ideas seem to be struggling to come out and be expressed – thoughts which are not easy to bring to the light of day any other way. This time I feel there might be other people who want to hear what is inside my head. I hope so.

I also love to illustrate these poems, and I have included one or two here.

The following poems are downloadable and you are free to use them as you wish. The last one Not Dead Yet was written for the launch of a new campaign led by disabled people to challenge the Assisted Dying Bill put forward by Lord Joffe on the 12th May 2006. For more information go to Not Dead Yet website.

I am open to requests to do poetry readings.