Micheline Mason
Shining a light on inclusion

In Praise of Subjectivity

I know what I know
Because I have lived it
Smelled it, heard it,
Felt it, seen it.

I know what I know because I held hands
Witnessed the stories,
Felt the pain, wiped up the blood,
Cried the tears,
With others,
Many others.

I know what I know because I have reflected
On all these stories
Talked about them,
Laughed about them,
thought about them,
Drawn conclusions,
Tried things out,
Made mistakes,
Tried again.

You know what you know
Because you have read it,
Attended the lectures,
Written the essays,
Passed the exams,
Gained professional status
Distance and

Your word is sought out,
Trusted and valued,
Handsomely paid.

Mine is ignored,
Starved of resources
Dismissed in my
My passion, tears and rage.

Those who know (but think they don’t)
Are condemned to be controlled
By those
Who could never know (but think they do).

© Micheline Mason December 2005